E Cigarette Information and Facts About The Product

Smoking has become extremely looked down upon in society. Not only because it creates negative personal effects, but also because of the enormous effect that it can have second hand on others around the smoker. For this reason, many Governments have begun to isolate smokers from the non-smokers. This has led to research and development companies to create the e cigarette. The e cigarette is basically an alternative to a traditional cigarette. It is an electronic inhaler that is used as a substitute for smoking. It uses a heating element that essentially vaporizes a liquid solution that usually releases nicotine, which is the same drug that is found in tobacco cigarettes. They have been exponentially growing in popularity.

Many have been claiming that e cigarettes are a useful tool for quitting smoking. However, there have been no scientific studies that prove this theory. Therefore, it can not be justified as a reason to utilize them. However, when you consider the fact that it is basically delivering the same addictive solution (nicotine), one can guess that it just may help in discontinuing the usage of traditional cigarettes.

Also, many claim that e-cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes. Once again, this statement is unfounded. There have not been any studies underwent that prove that e-cigarettes are safe to use or even safer than traditional cigarettes. However, conventional theory would assume that they are because there is no tobacco and smoke being created. The heating element heats up vapor that is inhaled. In theory, it is a lower risk option than smoking an inhaling tobacco smoke.

Because the FDA just made the decision to classify electronic cigarettes as a drug delivery device, there is still minimal regulation in the industry. This means that the overall safety of e-cigarettes in general have not really been scrutinized. However, during some preliminary studies the FDA has found that electronic cigarettes contained some of the same cancer causing agents as traditional cigarettes.

There are some versions of the electronic cigarette that are nicotine free. This means that you are essentially utilizing the e cigarettes as a vaporizer that is heating up concentrated flavors. Because of the limited studies and research that have been performed on electronic cigarettes, there is a lot of misinformation and/or incomplete information out there. It is important to understand the health risks associated with smoking tobacco and smoking with an electronic cigarette.

The electronic cigarette industry is definitely growing in popularity. Especially with all of the developed nations banning cigarette usage in some areas and locations. This is creating an inconvenience on many. Those same bans are not always targeted to electronic cigarette usage. Therefore, a lot of people like the convenience that using electronic cigarettes gives them. For this reason, it is expected that the usage of electronic cigarettes is going to heighten, along with it the scrutiny from the public and Governments. Also, with that, expect an increase in the amount of studies performed on the subject.

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