Buying Your E Cigarette Liquid

e-liquidIf you are someone who has an electronic cigarette, at some point you are going to need to buy refill liquids or refill cartridges to keep using it. These e-cigarettes work by drawing in liquid nicotine through an atomizer that turns it into a vapor. With each puff of the electronic cigarette, the user gets a hit of nicotine and feels as though they are smoking a real cigarette. When you start to find that your supply of e cigarette liquid is dwindling, you will have to look for quality suppliers online or at a local store where you can get more.

You will find as you shop around that e cigarette liquid actually comes in a variety of nicotine concentrations. Once can purchase liquid nicotine at a concentration of nearly 0 mg for someone who is trying to quit smoking, up to the average which is around 18 mg. However, there are some manufacturers that will offer a nicotine concentration of anywhere from 24 mg up to 32 mg to provide for a heavy smoker who is used to smoking around two packs of traditional cigarettes per day.

One of the biggest attractions to the electronic cigarette is that there is no actual smoke. The user of an e cigarette will inhale the vapor, yet there is no real smoke that is exhaled from it. There is only water vapor that comes out as a result of the heated liquid nicotine inside. This makes the electronic cigarette quite appealing for those who are trying to quit smoking or they are normally around other non-smokers who do not want to smell the smoke all of the time. Because there is no health risk whatsoever to bystanders, the e cigarette liquid is quickly becoming the way of the future for smokers.

Will choosing the right e liquid help a smoker to quit? The answer can vary from person to person and there has been a higher success rate with e cigarette liquids when compared to other smoking cessation products such as the nicotine patch. With all of the flavors that a smoker can choose from, the process of buying e cigarette liquids has changed quite a bit. You have the option of fruity flavors such as Pineapple or Cherry or you can go with dessert themed flavors like Creme Brulee and Pumpkin Pie. The possibilities of flavors are truly endless the more you shop around with various retailers.

As you look for the best places to buy your e cigarette liquid, it is always a good idea to go through a reputable seller. Not only do you want a flavor selection but you also need to have the option of varying nicotine strengths if you are trying to kick the habit. Keep in mind, if you are going from a heavy smoking habit, it is always best to start off with a high concentration to mimic what you are used to. Over time, you can lower the concentration of nicotine in the liquid that you use until you are finally free of the addiction to nicotine.

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