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We are all aware of the fact that cigarette smoking is indeed bad for our health responsible for a host of chronic diseases. However, it is still a habit that most of us are unable to kick but have you ever thought of picking up a better one instead?

E Cigs or electronic cigarettes have been refered to as the best bet that smokers have of staying alive.

The simple but ingenious products resembles your ordinary cigarette stick but instead of producing smoke, they emit nicotine solutions in the form of vapor. It is made up of three main components mainly the battery, atomizer and mouthpiece which contains the cartridge.

The solution which is held in the cartridge is commonly refered to as the e cigarette liquid or e juice and it provides a variety of sweet and cool flavours to match different tastes literally. Ranging from vanilla to cola, or even your favourite wine flavour, the e juice consists of a blend of nicotine and food flavours providing a healthy solution to quiting the habit. Besides this, the solution and cartridge can be changed or replaced with another solution and mark you; they do not bear any side effects whatsoever.